From Rev. Eric…

July 17, 2024

I have no physical traveling trips planned for this summer. Instead, I am rooted this season in Muncie. And, I am enjoying the photos posted on social media by friends: some cruising in Alaska, others journeying across Europe, still others going back home across various state lines to visit relatives.

I HAVE recently “traveled” vicariously to the forests of the Adirondacks in New York State. My trip was taken in the delightful reading of Lore Ferguson Wilbert’s The Understory: An Invitation to Rootedness and Resilience from the Forest Floor. In the book, Wilbert uses forests and the forest floor as an extended metaphor for all the complexities of being human. It is a fascinating voyage. Just as countless organisms, from trees to microbes, sustain and nourish life in the forest, so too does difference and complexity sustain and nourish human life and human relationships. Highly recommend!

Hope your summer “travels” are just as engaging and rewarding!

Rev. Eric