Worship Bulletin

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July 21, 2024


Welcome & Announcements (Elder Ann Wolfe)

Prelude: Prelude on a Chorale arr. by W.T. Best (Becky Burkart)

Threshold Moment – Entering the Journey (Rev. Eric Brotheridge)

Call to Worship (Elder Ann)
    One: Sojourning God,
    ALL: your Spirit exists everywhere, on every path, inviting us to move with curiosity and compassion toward each other. Decenter us even if we become uncomfortable. Show us how to be humble and willing to accept that all beings are sacred as created by you so that we will grow in peace, expand in love, and deepen in understanding. Nudge and guide us, we pray. Amen.

Opening Praise, Hymn #453 (1-3): Called as Partners in Christ’s Service


Young Disciples Time of Unpacking (Brynmar LaFever)

Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25 NRSVUE (Mary France)

Special Music: The Journey of Hope by Jim Papoulis (Ensemble Singers-Marianna Gill, Jairen Rees, Wendy Rees, Ann Wolfe; Cabasa-Jason Scott; Djembe-George Wolfe)

Scripture: Revelation 21:22-26 NRSVUE (Rev. Eric)

Message & Video: Quest: The Reflection (Rev. Eric)


Reflecting on the Journey (Rev. Eric)

Prayer Song: Stepping In by Christopher Grundy & Cathy Chamblee (Praise Band)

Moment of Silent Prayer

Pastoral Prayer (Rev. Eric)

Invitation to Offering (Rev. Eric)

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Prayer of Blessing for Offering (Elder Ann)

Invitation to Communion (Rev. Eric)

Communion Hymn: I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

Confession (Rev. Eric)

Sharing of the Peace, hand on heart (Rev. Eric)

Great Thanksgiving & Words of Institution (Rev. Eric)

Prayer of Blessing for Elements & Lord’s Prayer (Elder Tony Gill)


Closing Hymn #357 (1, 2, 4, 5): We Call Ourselves Disciples

Benediction & Theme Song (Rev. Eric)

Postlude: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee arr. by Bill Wolaver (Marianna Gill)


Sun., July 21: Sunday School, 11:20am, Room 108 & Zoom; Praise Band, 11:30am, Sanctuary
Tues., July 23: Preschool Team, 4pm, Room 108 & Zoom
Wed., July 24: Bible Study, 10am, Room 108 & Zoom; Choir Quartet Rehearsal, 7pm, Sanctuary
Sun., July 28: Sunday School, 11:20am, Room 108 & Zoom; Praise Band, 11:30am, Sanctuary

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